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Home Sellers in Rock Hill, Fort Mill or any area in York County
baxtervillage.jpgInterested in putting your area home on the market?  Just review the simple steps and contact us with our simple form to get some information about what your home may be worth. 
When Homes in the Piedmont discusses listing your Rock Hill or Fort Mill home, we follow a process that enables us  to get your home on the market using the best tools in the business.  In two visits we will work together to determine the best strategy for marketing your home.  Our listing process is designed to ensure your home is presented to potential buyers using the best tools available.   The steps are:

  • Determine your concerns and motivation - To ensure that we understand your situation; we ask a few questions.  Your answers provide essential information we need to effectively market your home in the current real estate market.  We know York County and the differences buyers look for when searching in Rock Hill or Fort Mill, or York 
  • Analyze the property - We take a home tour, and you will point out features as if we were a potential buyer. Future buyers try to envision themselves in your home.  Knowing the unique things that make your home special helps to paint a visual in a buyer's mind.  We document the things you love about your home for inclusion in marketing materials. 
  • Discuss our customized home marketing plan -  Properties are unique, and all have positive and negative features.  Your real estate team, Homes in the Piedmont, talks about key reasons home sell, and discuss the primary reasons they do not.  Addressing as many negatives as possible before a home is put on the market is an essential step in establishing value.  We talk to you about the specific plans for marketing your home. 
  • Collect information for marketing - The right materials are key to appealing to buyers who might be interested in your home.  We place Home Books in the home to answer questions buyers might have and to help them recall key features of your home: What are the property taxes? When was the roof built? Is the home under termite bond?   What are utility costs?  Has the seller done upgrades? Our Home Book presents a professional overview, and it is a valuable sales tool. 
  • Explain the forms and procedures - Selling a home is a major legal and financial transaction-one that is not done often.  Homes in the Piedmont provide documents that are necessary to protect you. South Carolina real estate forms can be complex, and time is needed to complete each one.  Our discussion includes detailing the selling process from listing to closing and ensuing that all forms are properly completed. 
  • Determine price and the estimate of net - The sales price of the home is important, but it represents only a single component of the total picture.  We provide a Seller Net Estimate based on the sales price to approximate net proceeds at closing. 
  • Homes in the Piedmont gives you a number of added advantages as a seller. 
    • Offering a home warranty to buyers is one of the most affordable and important options a home seller can provide.  This renewable coverage provides protection for the home during the listing period and transfers to the buyer for one year after closing. This incredible marketing tool gives buyers a level of comfort in that they have protection from major home repair expense.  Warranties are also helpful when a resale home competes with new construction. An even more important feature to the seller is that the warranty also covers the seller from the listing date until closing - at no additional cost.  It ensures the homebuyer won't have major repair bills and it helps a resale home compete with new construction. 
    • Technology supports buyers and sellers. www.homesinthepiedmont.com is a top rated site and has been optimized to provide ease of use AND front page results in the search engines.
    • A professional Appointment Center is used to make scheduling appointments for your home easy for agents and convenient for you. The service is always available, has customer service personnel to schedule appointments, and to contact you.  Your showing instructions are used to provide the showing agent with any details.

The Homes in the Piedmont Advantages for Sellers
Internet and Online Marketingvideo_icon.jpg
With Elaine's corporate background as an Information Technology executive, we know the importance of the internet in today's marketplace.  World Wide Web marketing is the most effective marketing.  Over 80% of homebuyers begin their search for a home on the internet.  To ensure your home reaches buyers, we market on the most visited and used sites.   

Direct and Print Marketing

We send Just Listed! cards to your neighbors.  These cards not only make neighbors aware that you have listed your home, but it represents a memory aid should they know anyone who may be interested in your neighborhood or home.

As licensed realtors in both North and South Carolina, we place all listings in the York County and the Charlotte Metropolitan Multiple Listing Services. The area MLS systems are used by close to 5000 realtors to locate properties for perspective buyers. 
Brochures are professional and provide essential information to someone who sees your home.  We provide all materials needed for the buyer and their agent.
Home Books for serious buyers to take home are always available inside the home. Agent copies are also available for other agents.
Pictorial and feature tours are provided for every home we list. Buyers and agents are able to see interior and exteriors shots, seasonal photographs, feature information and neighborhood shots.  Of equal importance, your home is presented in detail to other agents.  Your home will be featured in our sales meeting allowing agents in the office to preview your listing.  This 'home tour' is an effective way to let agents know how special your home is and what features make it unique.
Centralized Showing Appointment Center is used to make scheduling appointments for your home easy for agents and convenient for you.  CSS is always available, has customer service personnel to schedule appointments, and to contact you.  Your showing instructions are used to provide the showing agent with any details.
Homes in the Piedmont emphasize state of the art technology. Speed, convenience and clarity when processing information are keys to a successful sale. We utilize a number of technologies to ensure that we effectively communicate with all parties to a transaction.

We utilize email, phone and voice-mail.   After each showing, we use the tools available from CSS to gain feedback.  Our job is to keep you informed of market changes or to answer your questions.

Pricing your home correctly is essential to its sale.  We prefer to discuss price, condition, and marketing during the listing process.  Our relationship is important, and the wrong price can cause your home to stay on the market.  Expired listings are unfortunate and disappointing. 

Elaine Whitton Davis
Elaine Whitton Davis
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