Negotiation | Home Sales Price Is Just the First Step

Negotiation - A signed contract is just the first step when buying or selling your Fort Mill or Rock Hill, SC home



If you spent time reviewing our selling process or our buying process, you know that negotiation is an important element in many steps of the real estate transaction.  Of course, buyers and sellers understand that negotiating home price is one of the most significant elements of the real estate process.  However, establishing sales price is only the beginning. 


Homes in the Piedmont home listing specialists use a multi-step process to help our sellers determine the list price.  All real estate markets are different, and in no case, does LOCAL mean more than when establishing a home price.  We use a number of tools including recent homes sales in the MLS, homes that may have sold without the involvement of a realtor (e.g. some foreclosures, for sale by owners FSBO, or those transferred in probate), pending sales, and homes on the market to set a right-price strategy.


Sellers will have the opportunity to review all data that impacts your home market price, and together with Homes in the Piedmont, the first step in negotiation occurs.  After our meetings, the list price for entry in MLS is set.


001LakeFrontLakeWylie,3278068.JPGIf you are a home buyer, you will work with Homes in the Piedmont buyer specialists (ABR) and use a similar process to evaluate the asking price of homes, and to establish the offer price or the first step in negotiation.  Having the right strategy and knowledge necessary to determine the initial offer price and other contract elements can mean the difference in getting your dream home for the best price and with conditions that best meet your needs.


Whether real estates markets are termed ‘buyers markets’ or ‘sellers markets’, sales price is important to both buyers and sellers.  But remember, it is only the initial point for negotiation.  Other contract components such as contingencies, home warranties, personal property, financing, inspections, and condition require negotiation and skill. Win-win situations occur through the negotiation skills of your Homes in the Piedmont real estate expert. 



Elaine Whitton Davis
Elaine Whitton Davis
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