Rock Hill and Fort Mill homes are selling-why not mine?

Pricing your home correctly is #1

Top real estate agents and savvy sellers know the housing market has shifted.   Let's look at 7 reasons  your home is NOT selling, or even BETTER, 7 things to consider before listing your home:

  1. It is NOT priced for the current market or your neighborhood- In a balanced market, buyers expect and can get a well priced home.  Remember that they have likely looked or plan to look at your competition.  If your home is in a neighborhood with foreclosures or short sale properties, it WILL impact your price.  If your home is priced out of line with others in the neighborhood, it WILL remain on the market. PRICE IS THE NUMBER 1 reason homes don't sell, and price must be adjusted regularly.  Don't let your home sit on the market at an unrealistic price.  If your home celebrates too many birthdays on the market, buyers will assume there may be problems.  It is much better NOT to list or to take it off the market if you are unwilling or unable to meet current market pricing.
  2. It has no visual or curb appeal - Your home must be picture perfect to sell.  Landscaping must be neat, beds must be mulched, exterior paint must be fresh.  If the roof is badly stained, consider having it cleaned.
  3. The interior does not impress - Personal touches no longer fly.  Neutrals still sell best, and uncluttered, well maintained interiors are expected.  Storing or removing personal items, collections, and clutter will open the space and allow buyers to see their things in your home.  Spots on carpet, carpet that needs to be stretched, or carpet that is worn will cause a buyer to discount the house or discount the price. 
  4. It is not reaching target buyers- Real estate agents have a variety of marketing venues.  Homes are unique, and they need to be marketed to buyers in a way that buyers shop.  Internet exposure is key, as is ensuring your home is prominent in the MLS. Tours draw online traffic, and your home should appear on YouTube, and all the new, but popular media. Make sure your home reaches buyers, regardless of where they look.  Real estate companies and real estate agents offer different and unique marketing tools.  Allen Tate is known for its web site and its mobile apps.  
  5. Your home is not easy for realtors to find - No, this is not a comment about their outdated GPS, but it does refer to ensuring your home is listed in the MLS.   Every study shows that realtors sell more homes than any other methods.  The way that realtors routinely select homes for buyers to see is use of the MLS search tools available to its members.  The MLS is the only reliable way for realtors to search for comparable sales, whether a home is still available or even the current price. 
  6.  You do not understand how real estate agents are compensated - When homes are listed in the MLS, the compensation available to the selling agent's company is clearly listed.  Any other incentives are also included. 
  7. You did not consider a pre-inspection - Assuming your home has no issues and will get a clear inspection is not a safe bet.  The home inspection process and repair guidelines are addressed in the SC Contract to Purchase.  Sellers should know that offers do fall apart over repair negotiations.  Getting a pre-inspection and addressing any concerns before your home is on the market can be one of the most advantageous steps a seller can take. 


Elaine Whitton Davis
Elaine Whitton Davis
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