Home Inspections - Should York County SC Buyers and Sellers?

Home Inspections and Pre-Inspections

Simply put, inspections and pre-inspections can find problems you may want to correct.  The Homes in the Piedmont professionals recommend them.  

Unless your Rock Hill, Fort Mill or Tega Cay home is listed to be sold in an ‘as is’ condition, home buyers will likely have a home inspection and a Termite and Moisture Inspection (referred to as a CL100).  They may have additional inspections such as HVAC systems, stucco, septic, pool, etc.  The YORK COUNTY home inspection will be performed by a South Carolina licensed inspector and will take three to four hours.  The York County inspectors provide additional information on their website.  All areas of the home are inspected in a general inspection.testsearch.gif

Home Inspector Rock HillHOME SELLERS SHOULD EXPECT THAT ISSUES WILL BE NOTED AND THAT YOU WILL BE ASKED TO MAKE REPAIRS.  In York County our weather, insects, and humidity contribute to conditions that cause deterioration in the finest and newest homes.  Common repairs include HVAC efficiency, moisture related damage in crawl space such as rotted sills, installation of moisture barrier in crawl space, loose electrical outlets, and circuit corrections, or other electrical issues. 

The South Carolina Contract to Purchase Real Estate specifically address repairs.  Homes are to be free of mechanical, structural, plumbing and roofing issues.    Repairs are negotiable.  However, most buyers and their agents expect major repairs to be addressed.  In many cases home buyers will ask that a number of the minor ones be completed.  The specialists at Homes in the Piedmont will work with you, the homebuyer, and their agent to reach agreement as to what will be addressed. 

Sellers may want to consider a home inspection prior to putting your Fort Mill, Rock Hill or Tega Cay home on the market.  This will give home sellers an opportunity to address any findings and avoid any surprises that may occur as a result of the inspection. Sellers may also choose to address any minor repairs.   Both actions increase buyer confidence in your home.

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Elaine Whitton Davis
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