Buying York County Real Estate-Determine Needs and Wants


Buyer agentsThe Homes in the Piedmont Accredited Buyer Agents (ABR) work with York County buyers 7 days a week.  We excel in assisting Rock Hill, Fort Mill and Lake Wylie home buyers to choose the right home.  When the York County SC real estate market has many choices, having a process to weigh needs and wants is essential.

Home buyers needs and wants are approached from different perspectives.  Home needs are not as negotiable as wants.  Needs are essential items.  The lender-approved home price range, proximity to work, number of bedrooms and baths, a floor plan that accommodates your lifestyle, size of the kitchen, and need for a garage are typical needs or requirements. 


Using home buyer requirements as the guide, the Homes in the Piedmont real estate agent will consider your home needs, purchase price budget and the location that works best for their lifestyle, to identify potential neighborhoods.  Rock Hill and Fort Mill SC offer many wonderful communities and each offers unique advantages, so it is important to consider all criteria before a decision is made.    Eliminating homes that do not have those items you consider essential from the list of available homes allows home buyers to focus on the selection of right homes.


When it comes to home wants, these should be thought of as items that fit within budget after the need list is met.  Some home buyers may have a strong disposition towards houseplan.jpgNEW construction, while others may prefer an older home in an established neighborhood.  Wants may include such items as upgrades appliances, a wired workshop, a sound system, extra rooms or living spaces, or a neighborhood pool.

Using a Ben Franklin chart can be helpful in the decision process. List  wants and needs and use the list to evaluate homes. Sometimes items move from one list to the other. kit_1613ElginCourt-5.jpgFor example, a designer kitchen can shift from the need column to the want column when a buyer decides he can purchase upgraded appliances at a later date.  This may allow the home buyer to get an extra bedroom now. Some items may or may not have a $ cost value. A shorter work commute may allow a parent time to pick up a child at school. Convenience to shopping may be important for todays busy lifestyles.

The evaluation of needs and wants and fitting them into a budget is always a challenging process. It requires thought, planning, and often compromise between two buying parties. Spouses may need to negotiate the needs and wants to select the perfect home. Just remain flexible and keep in mind that in the end, it is the buyer, their personal furnishings and experiences that make the home uniquely theirs. Using a Ben Franklin list is a good approach to help the evaluation process.

Please remember that selecting location should always trump the latest features.  Having a home in a community or location that provides convenience and a lifestyle you enjoy will outweigh the type of countertop or the bath tile in the long run.  It is easier to upgrade and update than to re-locate.


Elaine Whitton Davis
Elaine Whitton Davis
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